About Us

1. Buy Tickets on Ticket Master

2. Upload those PDF Tickets to Stubhub

3. Sell them for a higher price than you paid.

That's it, only 3 Basic Steps.

Now here is where it gets interesting...

To sell those tickets for more, you have to PREDICT which shows will sell out and go up in price.

( Members of TicketResell101 receive daily handpicked events )

In order to predict which shows will sell out you need to know a few things:

 - How big is the venue being performed at

 - Is it a Weekend or weekday

 - How popular is this artist or team currently

 - And much much more

At TicketResell101.com we make it so easy that you will know exactly how to buy and resell tickets for a profit. We go over all the criteria of each selected event. You will know exactly what seats to purchase, In how long you should expect to sell your tickets and what to sell them for (Anywhere from 30% to 400% profit!)

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